October 2011 Trestleboard


          Fall is almost upon us. I hope all of our brothers have enjoyed the first month after being “dark”. Joe Rodriguez was made an Entered Apprentice and Mitchell Liming will join him as an EA on October 11th.

      Congratulations to WB C.T. Elliott and his wife Margret in being installed as Worthy Patron and Worthy Matron in our chapter of Eastern Star.

      October is move up one chair month. Officers, be sure you know your parts.


The Plumb

     The plumb is a symbol of uprightness of conduct. In Freemasonry it is associated with the plumb line which the Lord promised Amos he would set in the midst of His people, Israel , symbolizing God’s standard of divine righteousness. The plumb line in the midst of a people should mean that they will be judged by their own sense of right and wrong, and not by the standards of others. By understanding the plumb, a Mason is to judge his Brothers by their own standards and not those of someone else. When the plumb line is thought of this way, it becomes a symbol of an upright life and of the conscience by which each person must live. This ideal is closely tied to the concept of justice. For, in truth, Justice is giving another man his due.


Tom Park WM

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