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Greetings Brothers,

Good turn out by the past masters for May's stated meeting. May will be a busy month. We will be raising four brothers to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Degree work will be on the 17th and 24th at 6:00PM. The temple board met this month. The following business was done: Money to fix the water line was OK'ed. The water pipe will be dug up and replaced. A camera will be run down the sewer line to see if work needs to be done. Money for the kitchen project was OK'ed. Temple board will meet next on 31 May to discuss the air conditioner. (This meeting is postponed until 2nd Tuesday in June due to degree conflicts.)

The Level The level is a symbol of equality. We do not mean equality in wealth, social distinction, civic office, or service to mankind: but rather we refer to the internal, and not the external qualifications. Each person is endowed with a worth and dignity which is spiritual and should not be subject to man made distinctions. Masonry recognizes that one man may have greater potential in life, service, or reward than another: but, we also believe that any man can aspire to any height no matter how great. Thus the Level dignifies labor and the man who performs it. It also acknowledges that all men are equal without regard to station. The Level also symbolizes the passage of time.

WM Tom Park
Fountain Valley #191


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