April 2011 Trestleboard

Greetings Brothers

      Itís almost the end of winter. Spring is so close. The lodge has been very busy and will continue for a while. Three brothers were passed to the degree of a Fellow Craft this month - Brothers McKee, Vercruyssen, and Couleas. Brother Trainer is back from overseas and will be passed on the 29th.  Thatís four Master Mason degrees coming up.

    The Temple Board met on the 15th. WB Pechacek will head a committee to prioritize the projects so our funds will be put to best use. We will meet again on April 28th for his findings.

   If you see something that needs work put together a proposal. Have a budget with cost estimates, equipment needed, a time table, and above all, a plan.

     WB Moss, our district lecturer, was so impressed with how we put on the first degree recently, that he volunteered us to put on the Entered Apprentice degree for the Grand Masterís 150th Anniversary Class. It is an honor to be told that our degree work is that good. Brother Bricker will be heading this. Contact him if you would like to be part of this.


WB Tom Park


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