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Fountain Valley Brothers are very giving.  When we need help in the lodge we get it without thought. Need an officer position filled.  Done.  Need painting - done.  Someone will do it. Menís bathroom wall needs work, got a volunteer already. Basement lights need fixing.  Already got someone to do it.  Leek in the bathroom pipes. Better than new. 

Need three brothers for an investigation committee.  Silence.  No volunteers right away.   Some arm twisting, - some drafting. I have a committee.   What I need brothers is you. As the year progresses Iím sure I will need more brothers for investigating committees. Good men want to join us. If you live near but donít make it to lodge often, or maybe you missed the one night I needed brothers, my question for you is, can I use you on an investigation committee.  If the answer is yes call me or drop me a line at .

And brothers; thank you for all your volunteering.

Tom Park, WM

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